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Available daily:


3 layer cakes  6” (8+ servings) and 8” (15+ servings) – different flavors available daily


Single layer ¼ sheet cakes  (12+ servings)


Cake and dessert slices  (Tiramisu, Brazilian Whisper, German Chocolate, Dominican Cake, Carrot cake, Cheesecake, Mocha/Chocolate Ganache, Passion Fruit Buttercream/Raspberry, Neapolitan Delight, Dulce del leche/Peach, and more)

Sweet Treats (Alfajores, Brownies, Eclairs, Napoleons, Chaja, Buttercream filled cookies, Meringues, Raspberry Almond tarts, cupcakes)

Cakepops – Chocolate truffle, Vanilla/pineapple, Lemon/Raspberry, Carrot Cake, Gluten Free, Red Velvet


Cake and cupcake flavors

Carrot Cake



Gluten Free (Vanilla or Chocolate)


Red Velvet





Chocolate Ganache

Dominican Meringue

Homemade Buttercream (Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha)

Rolled Fondant

Whipped cream



Bavarian cream


Brazilian fillings (sweet condensed milk base)

  • Regular or with ameixa (prunes), coconut, or walnuts
  • Brigadeiro (chocolate)
  • Nido
  • Prestigio (coconut)


Chocolate Fudge


Chocolate Ganache


Dulce de leche


Dulce de leche custard


Flavored Buttercream (vanilla, chocolate, mocha, Oreo, passion fruit, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, dulce de leche, Nutella, cream cheese, orange cream cheese, peanut butter)


Fresh Fruit (additional cost apply)



Prices and info



(Round cakes – 3 layers of cake/2 layers of filling)


Size/Servings                     Base Price(*)

6” round (6 – 8)               $ 22 and up

8” round (12 -15)             $ 34 and up

10” round (20 – 24)         $ 50 and up

12” round (25/30)            $ 60 and up


Sheet cakes

(2 layers of cake/1 layer of filling)


Size/Servings                     Base Price(*)

¼ sheet (18/20)                 $  40 and up

½ sheet (40/45)                 $  70 and up

¾ sheet (60/80)                 $  85 and up

Full Sheet (80/100)          $ 110 and up


(*) Base price refers to vanilla or chocolate cakes with vanilla buttercream filling, sprinkles or buttercream roses and writing.  All other fillings and decorations add extra cost.


Edible image decoration – $ 5


Tier cakes price start at  $ 4.00 per serving.


Prices are based on number of servings plus complexity of decoration.  Please email us a picture of your design, including number of servings needed and date, we can reply with a price estimate and availability.


Specialty cakes require at least 10 days notice, and a 50% deposit to hold the order.


Cake tasting and consultation by appointment only – please call us to schedule yours!




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